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What Makes a Unique Bid Auction "Unique"? - объявления о продаже, закупке сельхозпродукции

23 Сентябрь 2018, 03:35:26 *
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What Makes a Unique Bid Auction "Unique"?

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What Makes a Unique Bid Auction "Unique"?

« : 28 Март 2013, 02:03:16 »

If you're used to getting great deals in traditional online auctions -- where you have to outbid the competition, but where you can still get things for far less than you can in a regular store -- you're going to be blown away by the newest auction trend.  Unique bid auction websites are getting more and more popular by the day, and they can save you even more money!
But what exactly makes these auctions so "unique"?
In a unique bid auction, the winner actually places the LOWEST bid when time expires, instead of the highest.  The "unique" part comes into play because no two bidders can offer the same amount.
So, let's say that you and another bidder offer $1 right as time expires.  Neither of you would win because your bids weren't unique.  Instead, the sole guy who bid $2 would win because he had the lowest unique bid.  Get it?
Because these online auctions offer much bigger deals than their traditional counterparts, unique bid auctions are even more intense.  In fact, they've become the most competitive auctions on the web!  Everyone who takes part in them is in a sprint to the finish.  After all, who wouldn't be, with expensive stuff -- like iPhones, gift cards, and Sony cameras -- available for just a few cents!
That's right -- a few CENTS.  The best auction websites will allow you to place bids in 1-cent increments.  So, when you're bidding 7 cents, someone else could bid 6 cents a fraction of a second later and beat you!
That's why time is of the essence in a unique bid auction.  When time is about to run out, bids will start flooding into the auction website.  However, you won't know about any of them!  There's an aura of mystique surrounding these auctions because you can't see what anyone else is bidding.  And because you have to pay for every bid that you make (just like you do on any other online auction website), if your strategy is to simply hit "bid" as many times as you can before the clock runs out, it will cost you!
But, of course, you don't dare bid once and call it a day. After all, you'll have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind… "Are other people bidding?  Should I keep going?  Is it safe to stop yet?"  You won't know until time expires!
In the end, a unique bid auction can be one of the most thrilling online auctions there is.  Between the deals and the bidding process itself, it really is unique!

http://winnybids.com/ -- unique lowest bid auction web-site

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